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Your mental and emotional well-being are at the heart of what we do. We are dedicated to helping you navigate life's challenges and supporting you in creating positive changes. Together, we can work towards building a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

At Heartland Counseling Services, LLC, we take pride in our team's commitment to providing individualized expertise and unique perspectives to every client. We understand that each person's journey is distinct, and our therapists are dedicated to tailoring their skills to meet your specific needs

Our team of licensed and experienced therapists are committed to providing professional and compassionate care. 

To find out more about the HCS counselors, please visit Our Team page.

Computer Software Guidance

Online Counseling (telehealth)

Soft Couch

Individual Counseling

Couple's Shadow

Couples and Family Counseling

Areas of Support 

Adult ADD & ADHD, Agoraphobia, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality (BPD), Childhood Trauma, Codependency, Co-Occurring Disorders, Coping Skills, DBT/CBT Therapy, Depression, Divorce, Eating Disorders, Emotional Abuse, Grief & Loss, Hoarding, Impulse Control Disorders, LGBTQIA+, Life Transitions, Marital and Premarital, Men’s and Women’s Issues, Mood Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD), Peer Relationships, Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum, PTSD/Panic Disorders, Relationship Issues, School Issues, Self Esteem, Self-Harming, Separation & Divorce, Sleep or Insomnia, Spiritual Abuse, Spirituality, Stress, Suicidal Ideation, Women's Issues

Services Offered

  • Individual Counseling: One-on-one sessions tailored to address your specific concerns and goals.

  • Couples Counseling: Nurturing healthier relationships through effective communication and understanding.

  • Family Therapy: Strengthening family bonds and fostering a supportive environment for growth.

  • Group Therapy: Connecting individuals with shared experiences to promote a sense of community.

  • Specialized Programs: Targeted interventions for issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and more.

  • Telehealth Counseling: HIPAA-compliant video platform for virtual meetings.

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