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Insurance and Managed Care Networks

Heartland Counseling Services accept all of the following Insurance and Managed Care Networks. If you do not see your network listed, please contact the office directly as the office or an individual provider may be in the process of becoming credentialed on new panels. In addition to the networks below, we also accept many Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).

​ Aetna


 Avera Health Plans

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

 Employee and Family Resources (EFR) EAP

 Iowa Total Care

 Health Partners

Iowa Medicaid

Meritain Health

Midlands Choice


 Wellmark BCBS

 United Behavioral Health/UMR/ Optum

United Heathcare

Insurance and Payment

Insurance documents and credit card information must be placed on file at the time of scheduling. We require all clients to have a credit card on file. Copayments, co-insurance, and other client financial responsibilities are billed the same day as services are rendered. Insurance companies may take 4-6 weeks to finalize charges. Upon completion, client accounts are billed the amount outlined by the insurance company as client responsibility (co-insurance, deductible, etc.) 


Questions You Should Ask About Insurance Coverage

Questions You Should Ask About Insurance Coverage

Counseling and Mental Health Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. Please check your coverage carefully by asking the following questions:

  • Does my insurance cover mental or behavioral health counseling?

  • Does my insurance cover telehealth counseling?

  • What’s my deductible for in-network mental health benefits?

  • Has my deductible been met?

  • Is there a limit on sessions your plan will cover per year? If yes, what is the limit?

  • How much is your copayment for mental health services?

  • What is the policy year (i.e., January 1 to December 31)?

  • Is approval required from my primary care physician?

  • Do I have out-of-network mental health benefits?

  • Does my insurance plan include mental health benefits?

  • What is my deductible? Have I met my deductible?

  • How many mental health sessions are covered by my insurance plan per calendar year?

  • How much is covered by my insurance plan for a mental health provider who is out-of-network?

  • How can I be reimbursed for therapy sessions with an out-of-network mental health provider?

  • What is the plan’s coverage amount for a therapy session?

  • Does my employer have an Employee Assistance Program? How do I access those benefits?


Professional Service Fees

Insurance Rates

Heartland Counseling Services bill as is in-network with many insurance plans and employee assistance plans and contracts with those plans for specified rate for services rendered. Check your plan for your portion of the cost.

Self-Pay Rates

For those who do not have health insurance or choose not to use insurance, the self-pay rate is the same as that billed to the insurance companies. Payment is due at the time services are rendered. 

No Show Charge

The cost of missed office visits without the required 24-hour notice is $50.00.

Returned Check

A service charge of $35 will be charged for each returned check.


What to Expect If You Are Using Insurance

Prior to scheduling your appointment, it is recommended that clients call their insurance provider to learn more about their benefit coverage and financial responsibilities. Depending on your insurance, you may need to pay a copay and deductible. Our billers will review your benefits prior to your first appointment, but there are limits to their access and the information insurance companies provide them. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Copays, also known as copayments, are flat-rate charges for each session. You will pay this fixed amount for covered medical services, and the remaining amount for your session will be covered by your insurance company. Copays for doctor visits tend to be lower than visits to specialists, and copays for emergency room visits are usually the highest.

How do you know if you need to cover copays for your therapy sessions? Your insurance company or card can provide specific information on your possible copay. For example, you may need to pay a $30 copay for your therapy session. Having a set fee can give you greater peace of mind in knowing exactly what you will pay for each of your sessions, and you will typically pay this dollar amount at the time of the appointment.

The other possible charge you may need to cover for a therapy session is coinsurance. Coinsurance means both you and your insurance company will pay the provider. This amount is a percentage rate, so if your rate is 20%, you will cover 20% of the cost of the session, and your insurance company will cover the remaining 80%.

For example, if an hour-long therapy session costs $100, you will pay $20, and your insurance company will pay $80. This rate should be listed on your insurance card. If you have questions about your coinsurance or want more information, reach out to your insurance company.

A deductible refers to the amount you will pay for the health care services you receive before your insurance provider begins to pay. Some services are covered before you meet your deductible, such as primary care services and preventive care. After you meet your deductible, you will share the cost with your insurance provider by paying coinsurance.

Please note that these rates vary and are set by your insurance company. Our support staff is happy to help you navigate this process and we always encourage calling the member line on the back your insurance card for more information.

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